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We Proudly Serve In The Following Areas:

We are a bonded and insured Cleaning Company in Metro Detroit. We value all businesses however, we have a strong affinity towards catering to smaller clients. Give us a call and allow us to provide your company with exceptional cleaning services. We strive to build strong working relationships in the communities we serve.

  • Wayne
  • Westland
  • Canton
  • Plymouth
  • Livonia
  • Dearborn
  • Southfield
  • Novi
  • Northville
  • Romulus
  • Belleville
  • Taylor
  • Garden City
  • Farmington Hills

what WE DO



Maintaining a clean office and lobby ensures your staff and visitors feel welcomed and appreciated every time they visit your facility.  This also increases work morale for employees and staff and provides a professional and positive first impression for all your visitors and guest.


Ensuring trash is removed from the office and trash cans are free of odor on a regular basis promotes a healthy & pleasing environment. Our goal is to help you eliminate all offensive odors and reduce any potential eyesore in your office environment.


We stock all paper products and toiletries in your restrooms and break areas.  A designated staff member will also be notified when inventory is low and will need to be reordered. If requested we have the ability to make the order process hassle-free by providing more supplies to your company in addition to our standard cleaning services. This is an optional feature that may be added to your cleaning plan at an additional cost.


Clean and sanitized restrooms reduce the spread of unwanted bacteria & germs which are the leading cause of illness.  Illness within the workplace results in the loss of productivity and production time. We want to ensure your facility is properly cleaned and sanitized to promote a healthy work environment.


Cleaning and disinfection services are provided to reduce the spread of SAR-2 CoV-2 which has been known to cause Covid 19. Hospital grade, EPA-approved, emerging viral pathogen disinfectants, are used to kill 99.9% of bacteria, virus, mold, and fungi, commonly found in workspaces and on hard surface areas. We properly disinfect frequently touched areas utilized by staff and visitors to reduce the spread of Covid 19. We take care in helping to implement company policy and procedures directed at reducing the spread of Covid 19.


Maintaining clean and sanitized break rooms is an added benefit to you and your staff. Staff members feel appreciated, welcomed, and valued as their comfort and work environment is safe and free of hazards. This in return promotes positive team culture and a space your staff can enjoy during their leisure time.


Specialized services are provided for the cleaning and sanitization of Medical Facilities.  We utilize Standard Precautions when performing our duties to ensure your facility is properly cleaned. In addition we properly dispose of sharps, containers and contaminated linen.  We properly disinfect contaminated areas that come in direct contact with patients and staff to reduce the spread of germs, disease, and blood borne pathogens. 


KeySource did a great job at keeping our office clean.  They were always there as scheduled and went above and beyond to meet our needs.  We tried several cleaning companies before finding this one that valued our business and made our small office a priority!

Jessica L


We focus on providing professional cleaning services for local businesses at an affordable rate. Our endeavor is to provide you with the confidence of knowing that your work environment is in good hands!

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